Mi Shoes 2 (Men’s Sports) Review & Buyer’s Guide – 2021

The best thing about Mi Shoes 2 is that it provides a mix of comfort, style, and durability at less than half the cost of standard sneakers. The shoes’ on-foot look will compete with most luxury shoes from traditional shoemakers.

Mi Shoes 2

On the sides and back there’s a lot of padding, which means your foot rests snugly inside the cockpit. That doesn’t get stuffy at any point, but you know very well that your foot sits healthy with the sides absorbing any impacts.

The toe box is big, something that I love and it just adds to the dimension of comfort. Some of the reasons you can adapt this fit to your taste is because of the configuration of the fishbone that distinguishes the lacing — this is a minor modification that doesn’t directly thread the laces through the mesh, but these are external structures built into the upper Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2.

Available in 3 colours


Machine-washable | Easy to clean

5-in-1 Uni-Moulding Technology

Source: mi.com

Shock absorbent | Durable | Slip-resistant

  • The Uni-Moulding process combines 5 different materials to minimize wear damage.
  • This technology will keep the stitching on the soles intact for long-lasting usage.

Unique Fishbone Structure

Comfortable cushioning | Twist-resistant l Solid grip

The 10-fishbone structure improves balance while offering the needed arch support and reducing the chance of sprains.

Strong Suspension for Reduced Impact

Source: mi.com

Uni-Body Suspension Balancing Patch

Stronger Grip With Excellent Forward Momentum

mi shoes grip
Source: mi.com

With a Solid Grip, You Don’t Have to Worry About Abrasion.

Reflective Strip

Safer Low-Light Runs

The shoes feature reflective material on the laces and the heelpiece. This makes you immediately noticeable from any angle in the darkness.

Heels With High-Density Sponge Lining

Thick Full and Comfortable

Sponge Padding and Ventile® Insole

Lightweight and comfortable

The bottom of the insole is constructed using polyurethane foraminate material to aid air circulation. This keeps your feet from feeling cramped or suffocated.

The shoes feature the famous breathable mesh upper design, a 5-layer design with synthetic rubber outsole and a unique 10-fishbone framework that tightly cradles the foot inside the fairly loose mesh fabric confines. We think they look good too. They look just as safe and just as relaxed compared to a pair of big brand shoes that cost thrice as much.