Nike Revolution 4 Running Shoes Review

The Nike Revolution 4 shoe is an entry-level running shoe with entry-level components that come together for price-conscious athletes who want the Nike logo in a modern-looking package. While this isn’t the smoothest running experience, it gets the job done and looks like the part.


Nike Revolution 4 Overview

Terrain:Road, Treadmill
Arch support:Neutral
Weight:Men: 270g | Women: 200g
Heel to toe drop:Men: 10mm | Women: 10mm
Pronation:Neutral Pronation
Arch type:High arch
Use:All-day wear | Jogging
Material:Mesh upper, Rubber sole
Features:Breathable | Sockless wear | Cushioned | Comfortable
Strike Pattern:Heel strike
Foot Condition:Back-pain, Foot pain, Hip pain, 
Knee pain, Plantar fasciitis, Shin splints
Width:Narrow, Normal, X-Wide
Normal, Wide, X-Wide
Price:₹ 2,401.00 – ₹ 3,399.00
Colorways:Black, Blue, Green, Grey, 
Pink, Purple, Red, White

Best of Nike Revolution 4 Running Shoes

✅ The price for a pair of the Nike Revolution 4 was affordable.
✅ Comfort to your run with a lightweight, breathable upper and plush cushioning.
✅ According to many runners, the underfoot platform flexed suitably with each step.
✅ Consumers have praised the variety of color schemes; they have accepted the vivid hues and the choice from many alternatives.
✅ The availability of wide widths was welcomed by several testers, with some praising the ability to choose became accommodative.
✅ Often, many people wear this running shoe without socks and they didn’t mention any instance of hot spots or skin irritation.
✅ The upper unit maintained aeration of the foot, based on a slew of reviews.

Little Uncomfortable

❌ After just a few uses the sides of the upper shoe formed a hole, several testers said.
❌ A few buyers noticed the forefoot section was a little small.

Nike Revolution 4 Upper Unit

Nike has done a great job of maintaining a sleek look through their entire lineup of running shoes, to the point where it’s difficult to identify this pair as one of their cheapest running styles.

Some owners of this shoe recorded that, after a few months of casual use, the upper mesh begins to pop open without much running. If you want the shoe to be a little more than a casual regular trainer, think it.

Some Users reported that the heel is backed by an internal plastic or thin firm material that starts to crumple as compared to more expensive models after a fraction of use.

The shoe still works but you’re going to lose the ability to push your feet into the shoe after a while without the heel collapsing.

Nike Revolution 4 Sole Unit Overview

Revolution 4 Sole

In terms of outsole durability, It observed these shoes would do well in the long run, probably surpassing even higher-priced shoes because Nike wasn’t using softer rubbers and stuck with steeper but more robust materials

However, the hard rubber coating for the outside does make the shoe a little noisy when running on concrete or asphalt.

Because these shoes are positioned as a budget option, We appreciate the added stability, and the slightly stiffer ride does not mind.


The Nike Revolution 4 got overwhelmingly positive reviews from shoe enthusiasts all over the place. For its appealing aesthetics, versatile underfoot comfort, and well-ventilated top this road-companion was loved. The price was also praised.

On the other hand, there were some concerns about the upper ‘s durability. In addition, some buyers were turned off by a tight-fitting front section while others lamented a not-so-precise-from-the-pictures hue.

Shoe fans everywhere got overwhelmingly positive reviews of the Nike Revolution 4. For its attractive aesthetics, versatile underfoot experience, and well-ventilated roof, this road-companion was loved. As it did not split the bank, the price was also praised. There were, on the other hand, a few complaints about the durability of the upper one. In addition, a tight-fitting front section switched off some buyers while others deplored a color scheme that was not-so-precise-from-the-pictures.